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Go further on climate action. List, discover, compare, buy and retire trusted carbon credits from around the world.

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CIX Marketplace offers easy access to curated high quality projects perfect for businesses starting their carbon compensation journey.  The venue provides rich information needed to make business decisions and support your overall sustainability goals. List, discover, compare, buy and retire trusted carbon credits from around the world.

Our platform sets out rich information on listed projects including their scope, carbon sequestration impact, benefits beyond climate, and alignment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It also harnesses third-party ratings as well as MRV (monitoring, reporting and verification) solutions to oversee the ongoing performance and risk of projects.

We lay the groundwork on your behalf so you can transact with peace of mind.

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Curated for Impact

CIX curates projects by ensuring that all credits listed are verified by internationally recognised standards such as Verra (VCS), with our own quality screening process complemented by independent ratings agencies like Sylvera.

Contribute beyond Climate

Project benefits go beyond climate action to support other UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). All relevant SDGs are set out on each project page to help ensure credits procured are aligned with your company’s broader sustainability strategy. 

Seamless Experience

This easy-to-use marketplace empowers you to discover, compare, buy and retire trusted carbon credits with confidence, backed by a simplified purchasing journey that enables one-click credit retirement or transfers.

Communicate your Impact

Every buy-to-retire transaction comes with a retirement certificate that sets out details of the carbon credits procured and retirement information to support your internal impact and sustainability reporting needs.

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Forest Protection and Enhancement

Protecting tropical forests can contribute up to a quarter of the emission reductions needed by 2030. Projects that reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD+) provide a crucial tool to scale finance in support of regions looking to protect and expand their forests.


Blue Carbon

Coastal and marine ecosystems such as mangroves are some of the most effective natural carbon sinks on earth, with the ability to sequester three to five times more carbon than upland forests. Blue carbon also protects areas susceptible to rising sea levels, playing a vital role in climate adaptation.

Energy Efficiency

Clean Cookstoves

Many in developing regions rely on open-fire cooking, which has damaging implications for human health and existing forest stocks. Clean cookstoves use fuel more efficiently. This means a decrease in smoke pollution and wood burned, reducing the burden on local communities and halting environmental degradation.

Hear from our Partners

With growing consensus around the role of natural climate solutions as a powerful tool to mitigate climate change… CIX Marketplace provides a much-needed platform to connect climate finance with the highest-quality projects that deliver a range of core benefits not just for climate, but also for biodiversity and local communities. Ecosphere+ is happy to be one of the Marketplace’s founding suppliers.

Lisa Walker
Chief Executive Officer

Our core business in sustainable technology lifecycle management, which involves leasing and extending a device’s usable life, positions us to think deeper about circularity and sustainability.. We see the VCM as an opportunity to ‘close the gap’ in our commitment but finding the right transaction partner was a challenge until now. CIX helped address our concerns around trust and transparency, giving us the assurance we needed to take that first step.

Alan Puah
Managing Director

We believe nature-based carbon credits not only deliver climate benefits but also provides co-benefits such as increasing biodiversity. CIX Marketplace provides great visibility of quality carbon projects for buyers like us. Through the purchase of credits from the Marketplace, Mirae Asset aims to bring greater awareness and access of high-quality nature-based carbon credits to the Korean market.

Seong Junyeop
Chief Executive Officer
Mirae Asset Securities (Singapore)

We fully support CIX in its ambition to establish a marketplace that provides transparency and a curation of high-quality carbon compensation projects. We see the platform not just providing access to these types of projects for market participants, but also enabling suppliers’ access to a broader market; which creates a positive multiplier effect on ecosystems and communities in otherwise at-risk landscapes.

Vandita Pant
Chief Commercial Officer

As fleet owner of more than 20 tankers and bunker barges trying to transition to more sustainable operations and facilitate carbon-neutral supply pathways for our customers, we see value in high-quality carbon credits for unavoidable emissions. We therefore appreciate CIX’s commitment to ensuring that the credits we will purchase are from projects that deliver genuine, tangible impact.

Pai Hong Yao
Managing Director
Singfar International

The need for stakeholders to come together and work at scale and reach to curb global warming has never been more critical. We are excited for the launch of Project Marketplace which will be a win-win to enable our triple bottom line world. As a group, ST Telemedia is committed to a low carbon future. CIX’s practical climate action complements our sustainability ambition to take collective actions for meaningful environmental and societal changes.

Steven Miller
President & Group Chief Executive Officer
ST Telemedia

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